Visa Information

  Visa Information

Getting a Russian Visa

All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation. Among citizens of former Soviet Republics only citizens of Georgia and Turkmenistan need a visa to enter Russia. Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate, proper authorization (invitation) from the Passport and Visa Department (UVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or specially authorized travel agencies is required.

What is a Russian Visa?

A visa to the Russian Federation is a document, permitting stay in Russia for a specific period of time. A visa lists entry/exit dates, your vital information, passport details, and has two photos stapled to it. Please note, that your Russian visa is an exit permit just like it’s an entry permit: if you lose it or stay over your designated departure date, leaving the country could be more troublesome than entering it.

Russian Tourist Visa

This visa type is issued to tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business reason. Tourist visas are issued for a maximum of 14-30 days (check with your local Russian Embassy or Consulate). A tourist visa is best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying without diverting from your planned itinerary. For a tourist visa to Russia, you must have confirmed accommodations or transit information for every night of your stay in the country.

Requirements For Foreign Citizens To Enter Russia

  • Passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay
  • Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel
  • Russian Visa is Required
  • Vaccination – None Required

Fees for Russian Tourist Visa

Approximate fees for a single-entry tourist visa up to 30 days is 30 USD.

How to get a Russian Visa?

We suggest you using the web-site to obtain a Russian visa. The site provides express Russian visa online services. Upon receipt of your visa support, you may apply for a visa at any Russian Embassy or Consulate worldwide, or through our authorized visa service near you.