NovSU Hostel

If you are planning to attend SYRCoSE 2018 and looking for a place to stay, we would like to inform you that there are 20 places in NovSU hostel.

Address: Novgorod The Great, ul. Sovetskoy Armii, bld. 9.

If you are interested in that offer, please send an e-mail to Alexander Kamkin (askamkin [at] gmail [dot] com).

Inturist-Novgorod Hotel

We suggest booking rooms in Inturist-Novgorod hotel. To do it, send an e-mail to Svetlana Dubrovina (salesoffice1 [at] intnovhotel [dot] ru) and specify that you participate in SYRCoSE 2018, a conference organized by NovSU.

Address: Novgorod The Great, Velikaya Ulitsa, bld. 16.