Issue 2022 (16)

Preliminary Proceedings of the Spring/Summer Young Researchers' Colloquium on Software Engineering

Software and Computer Engineering

V. Miroshnikov. Diff Tool for Comparing .NET Assemblies in the Rider IDE

I. Grigorov. Extensible IP-Core Library for High-Level Synthesis

Functional and Security Verification

E. Shirokova, N. Yevtushenko. Solving Equations over Automata with Timeouts

R. Kholin, D. Gamayunov. Detection of Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities using Abstract Interpretation

K. Kobyshev, S. Molodyakov. The Algorithm of Test Generation from Functional Specification using Open IE Model and Clustering

V. Agafonov, P. Frolov, A. Meshkov. An Approach to Test Program Generation for Memory Coherence Verification of "Elbrus" Microprocessors

Application-Specific Methods and Tools

P. Shibaev, A. Chupakhin. Wi-Fi Sensing Human Detection with Kolmogorov-Wiener Filter and Gated Recurrent Neural Networks

S. Vdovkina, S. Shibanov. Handwritten Signature Verification Service

A. Busenkov, E. Kholodov, R. Novikov, B. Pozin. An Approach to Displaying Data to Users of Telemedicine Systems for Early Detection of Diseases by ECG

P. Smirnov, V. Malinovskaya, N. Voinov. A Web Application to Promote Blood Donation in Russia

M. Poryvai, A. Chupakhin. Research and Development of Algorithms for Solving the Two-Dimensional Irregular Stock Cutting Problem

Information Systems

K. Stonozhenko, I. Nikiforov, S. Ustinov. Automated Object Storage Management Approach with Operator SDK and Custom Resource Definition

V. Zayakin, L. Lyadova, E. Rabchevsky. Design Patterns for a Knowledge-Driven Analytical Platform Core

R. Salakhov. Semantic Annotation Module For Legal Acts Analysis System

K. Samoylova. Architecture of a Software System for Designing Robust Business Processes

T. Pribylev, M. Zaytsev, O. Vikentyeva. Actor-Oriented Approach for Business-Process Management of Analytical System Development

A. Kiryushina, O. Ivanenko, D. Shayakhmetova, A. Drozhzhin, A. Koroleva. Visualization of Dynamic Reporting Data of an Information and Analytical System for Making Managerial Decisions