Issue 2021 (15)

Preliminary Proceedings of the Spring/Summer Young Researchers' Colloquium on Software Engineering

Testing, Verification and Static Analysis

E. Gerlits, A. Khoroshilov, D. Kildishev. Elicitation of Functional Requirements from the Application Programming Interface Documentation for Functional Testing

T. Gasheva, D. Vlasov, A. Otinov. Verification Automation of UML Diagrams Created by Students

D. Cherepovskiy, P. Drobintsev. An Approach to Automating Software Product Quality Assurance Using Templates for All Levels of the Testing Pyramid

M. Menshikov. Review of Static Analyzer Service Models

D. Gimatdinov, A. Gerasimov, P. Privalov, V. Butkevich, N. Chernova, A. Gorelova. An Automated System for Testing Static Source Code Analysis Tools

Software Architecture and Model-Driven Development

A. Mitsyuk, N. Jamgaryan. What Software Architecture Styles are Popular?

H.A.A. Chaudhary, T. Margaria. Integration of Micro-Services as Components in Modeling Environments for Low Code Development

R. Khan, A. Schieweck, C. Breathnach, T. Margaria. Historical Civil Registration Record Transcription Using an eXtreme Model Driven Approach

I. Voronkov, S. Saradgishvili. Power Fx:Low-Code Language for Collaboration Tools

N. Suvorov, L. Lyadova. A Multilayer Approach to Subgraph Matching in HP-Graphs

Formal Methods

V. Gladstein, D. Mikhailovskii, E. Moiseenko, A. Trunov. Mechanized Theory of Event Structures: A Case of Parallel Register Machine

R. Nesterov, S. Savelyev. Generation of Petri Nets Using Structural Property-Preserving Transformations

A. Rigin, S. Shershakov. Method of Performance Analysis of Time-Critical Applications Using DB-Nets

Computer Networks

N. Nikiforov, D. Volkanov. Data Compression Algorithms for Flow Tables in Network Processor RuNPU

Y. Kuzmin, D. Volkanov, Yu. Skobtsova. A Method for the Stateful Data Plane Algorithm State Synchronization in the Network Processing Unit

A. Lapkina, A. Petukhov. HTTP-Request Classification in Automatic Web Application Crawling

D. Eyzenakh, A. Rameykov, I. Nikiforov. High Performance Distributed Web-Scraper

Programming Languages and Compilers

V. Kryshtapovich. Localized Lama Gradual Typing

V. Shamparov, M. Neiman-Zade. Data Layout Optimization for the LCC Compiler

I. Balashov, D. Berezun, S. Grigorev. Empirical Study of Partial Evaluation of Matrix and String Algorithms

I. Arkhipov. Generation of Optimal Object Code

Software Engineering in Different Fields

Ya. Kuznetsova. Development of a Program System for Managing Vending Machines

Y.T. Aung, I. Mikhaylov, Z. Aung. The Artificial Neural Network for Solving the Classification Problem with Domain Constraints

F. Chemashkin, P. Drobintsev. Kubernetes Operators as a Control System for Cloud-Native Applications

A. Sergeev, E. Rezedinova, N. Vasyukov. Developing a Training Program by the Method of Interval Repetition