Issue 2020 (14)

Preliminary Proceedings of the Spring/Summer Young Researchers' Colloquium on Software Engineering

Compiler Technologies and Formal Verification

M. Belyaev, E. Romanenkov, V. Ignatyev. Modeling of Library Functions in the Industrial Static Code Analyzer

M. Menshikov. Static Analyzer Debugging and Quality Assurance Approaches

I. Arkhipov. Code Generation for Real Arithmetic in Architecture MIPS

P. Putro. Architecture of Machine Code Deductive Verification System

R. Sadykov. Verified Isabelle/HOL Tactic for the Theory of Bounded Linear Integer Arithmetic Based on Quantifier Instantiation and SMT

Requirements Management and Lifecycle Support

N. Gorelits, A. Gukova. Analysis of Russian Software Supporting Onboard Systems Development Lifecycle in Context of Import Substitution Policy

E. Timoshchuk. Assessing the Quality of the Requirements Specification by Applying GQM Approach and Using NLP Tools

Software Models and Modeling Languages

A. Tvardovskii, N. Yevtushenko. On Reduced Forms of Initialized Finite State Machines with Timeouts

G. Volkov. Techniques for Implementation of Symbolically Interpretable Haskell EDSLs

G. Semenov. Formal Rules for Producing Object Notation by EXPRESS Schema

N. Suvorov, L. Lyadova. HP-Graph as a Basis of a DSM Platform Visual Model Editor

Application-Specific Methods and Tools (1)

R. Bauer, N. Kultin, D. Kultin. Application of Machine Learning Technology to Analyze the Probability of Winning a Tender for a Project

D. Bukharov, R. Gusev, M. Kondrashov. Development of a Software for Computer-Aided Adjustment of Automatics for Elimination of Asynchronous Operation with Trapezoidal Characteristic

E. Pavlov, I. Selin, P. Drobintsev. AI-Based Shoe Lasts Creation

N. Barsukov, I. Nikiforov, I. Sysoev, A. Pereskokova, D. Posmetnijs. Analysis of Students Activity on E-learning Course Based on OpenEdu Platform Logs

A. Kovalev, I. Nikiforov, P. Drobintsev. An Approach to Semantic Search on Technical Documentation Based on Machine Learning Algorithm for Customer Request Resolution Automation

Multiprocessing Systems and Networks

A. Smirnov, V. Kostenko. Flow Algorithm for Scheduling in Multiprocessing Heterogeneous Systems with Integrated Modular Architecture

P. Poroshin, A. Meshkov, D. Znamenskiy. Implementation of Memory Subsystem of Cycle-Accurate Application-Level Simulator of the Elbrus Microprocessors

D. Lebedev, V. Kutsevol. Test Environment for Verification of Multi-processor Interrupt System with Virtualization Support

A. Markoborodov, Yu. Skobtsova, D. Volkanov. An Approach to the Translation of Software-Defined Network Switch Flow Table into Network Processing Unit Assembly Language

M. Kovalev. Tracing Network Packets in Linux Kernel using eBPF

Software Safety and Security

M. Krichanov, A. Karnov, G. Volkov. Testing of Cryptographic Protocols Based on Formal Specifications

M. Babenko, E. Golimblevskaia, E. Shiriaev. Comparative Analysis of Homomorphic Encryption Algorithms Based on Learning with Errors

D. Samokhvalov. Machine Learning-Based Malicious Users Detection in Social Network vKontakte

Data Storage and Processing

A. Shemyakinskaya, I. Nikiforov. Hard Drives Monitoring Automation Approach for Kubernetes Container Orchestration System

M. Elkin, N. Voinov. Implementation of Cross-Platform Mounting Remote File Systems

P. Pankov, I. Nikiforov, D. Drobintsev. Hardware and Software Data Processing System for Research and Scientific Purposes Based on Raspberry Pi 3 Microcomputer

Application-Specific Methods and Tools (2)

A. Berezin, R. Novikov, M. Novopashin, B. Pozin, A. Shmid. Application of the Non-Invasive Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders Detection Method for Population Screening

D. Sergeev, N. Kukavica, S. Cenevska, P. Drobintsev, A. Drobintseva, A. Andreev. Development of Automated Computer Vision Methods for Medical Images Processing

K. Kobyshev, N. Voinov. Hybrid Algorithm Combining Content and Collaborative Filtering Approaches for Image Recommendation

V. Monastyrev, P. Drobintsev. Recommendation System Based on User Actions in the Social Network

V. Belovitskiy. Technological Features of Development of the Receipts and Promotions Service for the Russian National Payment Card System